GRE Math and Verbal Test taking Strategy

GRE MATH & Verbal Test Taking Strategies

During GRE Math & Verbal Sections of test, Divide Test taking time into three innings (15+10+5 minutes of a total of 30 for Verbal and 15+10+10 minutes of a total of 35 for Math). Start off quickly and solve as many questions as you can during the first innings, and come back and start off again in the second innings, and so on. This helps you understand the urgency of the situation and you won’t find yourself wasting time on difficult questions.

Use the ETS GRE PowerPrep II software to go through the tutorial guidelines. These will be the exact same guidelines you will see on the test the next day. So, it is better to get acquainted with the tutorial section, as well as the software. Get a feel of how the software works, and learn some shortcuts through the tutorial, so it won’t be new to you during the test. Learning something new just before the first question may also add to the tension.

GRE Test Score

Your GRE test is less than 24 hours away, and you have prepared as well as you can. But you are worried about your performance. So what? So are thousands of other students. It’s okay to be worried. But you should keep it under control. Why? Because no matter how well prepared you are, your composure during those 4 hours decide where you will study your Master’s degree. Conquering the GRE is more than just about conquering Math and Verbal.


  • If you want to score higher, you will have to take care of other things as well. If you have the knowledge, however, of everything that concerns the test; and if you know exactly when to do what, then there won’t be any hassle on test day.
  • Here are a few GRE test day tips and strategies that will definitely help you on test day. We have written these test day tips and requirements in a chronological order, so you know exactly what to do and what to bring on the GRE test day. Also, these things have to be taken care of in the same order, so you can consider this as an ultimate checklist before you finish the test.
  • Make a list of target universities. Before you finish your test, you will be asked to choose four universities to which you can send your test scores for free. The computer shows you a list of universities along with the respective countries and states. Normal students start thinking of universities then. But because you are a pro, you must have already figured these out before entering the test center. This won’t take much time, and you can do it on the morning of the test day during breakfast. You already know your target universities. Search for them online, and remember the country/state they are in. If you do this, it won’t take a minute during the test to give your list to the computer. Also, contrary to what most students think, you don’t have to remember college codes. Names will do.
  • Visit the test center the previous day. Unless your test center is in another city, in which case you can’t really help it, we recommend that you visit the test center a day before, so you’ll not only save time, but also know when to start so as to reach in time. Students usually underestimate the power of traffic. You wouldn’t want to end up late at the test center, would you? So, it is better to figure out how far the test center is from where you live, and how busy the traffic usually is, and when you need to start off so you can reach on time. If you’re taking the bus/metro/subway, better check schedules and avoid hurrying in the last minute.
  • Travel with a friend. Don’t plan to travel alone. You will be bored, and hence start thinking about the test. It is better if you ask a friend to drop you at the center. A small random chat or a funny discussion will do you a world of good. It will act as a necessary distraction so you won’t be thinking of the exam. Also, it is better if you ask your parents to not accompany you to the test center, because well, they are parents. They are sometimes more worried about the test than you are, and this will definitely affect your mental composure. If you’re asking your friend to go with you, ask them a day or two before. Don’t ask them ten minutes before you start. They may have other plans.
  • Stop Studying! Don’t study at all, on the previous day. The GRE isn’t your regular college exam, so you can’t cram things. Studying now will only increase the pressure. You have done enough practice till now, and even if you haven’t done enough, one more day won’t help you much. So, it is time to relax and have fun. listen to some music, watch TV, play an outdoor game, take an ice/steam bath. Stay calm and composed before the D-day.
  • Pack up! Get all the things required ready the night before the test. Don’t start packing right before you leave the house. Make a note of the things you will need for the test, i.e your ID, any printouts, snacks, bag, etc. 7. Keep the alarm busy. Set your alarm to at least one hour earlier than normal. You know how lazy you are, and you don’t want to be late for the test. Also, set multiple alarms. Just in case.
  • Stretch your body. Do some physical exercise or yoga on the morning of the test day. Go to the gym, if you have a membership. Stretch your muscles, but not until you get exhausted.
  • Healthy food = Healthy performance. Eat healthy. You can take your revenge after the test, but this is not the time to gorge on. You don’t want to yawn and feel sleepy during the test. Have some salad, and some fruit juice.
  • All play and no work. Warm up your brain by solving a puzzle like Sudoku or any logic based game. This will help you put your thinking cap on, without worrying about going wrong. Some might choose to practice a few questions by randomly choosing from books, on the morning of the exam day. Do this if you want to, but it is usually not recommended, because if you cannot solve a question or if you get it wrong, it might upset your mind, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid before the test.
  • Good students don’t cram. Don’t study or try to memorize anything on the test day. Leave your books at home. Don’t bring them along to the test center. If you see someone else studying at the test center, which you will, don’t start to panic. Maybe they aren’t as confident as you are, or maybe they didn’t read this article.

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